That’s right. I have a crush on raúl.

This is no longer a case of someone being just a “person with a crush,” raúl is a man who happens to be a super-fan of your favorite band, and loves the music so much that he is willing to put himself out there to find out what you’re all about.

Raúl is actually a rather nice guy. He is also a musician and a fan of your favorite band, so I am really glad he’s around in the world you live in. I don’t think anyone would have thought to use him as a pawn in any sort of conspiracy, but he just happens to be a fan of the band.

raúl is part of the group of people that are in charge of this island, and he must know that his name and identity are being revealed to the world. He then sets off on a quest to uncover the truth about himself and find out why he is so obsessed with your band. He is not the enemy here, he just has a crush on your band, and your band on him.

raúl’s story is told through flashbacks, but we find out that all the important stuff happened when he was younger. At the start of the game, raúl is a young man with a pretty impressive music collection, which has been the main reason he’s been a member of your band. But there are also some other reasons, like his love of the band, that are not so important.

Raúl has been obsessed with your band for a long time, and we know that he wants to be like you. He’s also the guy who was in the picture with you in Barcelona. He’s not so good at playing guitar, and he’s not as good a singer, but he has an incredible voice and is a great guitarist. But his main reason for being in your band is a secret, and he cannot tell you about it.

Raúl is a member of the band Caeli, and he was a member of the band Los Poderosos until he joined the band. Well, hes not in the band anymore, but hes still a member of the band. Its been a long time since you’ve seen him, and hes still the lead singer of that band. Hes been with you for quite a long time though, and hes just as good as you were back in the day.

The band was called Los Poderosos, and you were also called Los Poderosos. That doesn’t mean that they’re the same band, but the people in that band were very similar to the people in your band. It was a very successful band, and they were featured on the soundtrack for the movie The Room. It’s just the way they were.

I mean they were that good, but, I mean, they just didnt really have much going on in the way of songs, artwork or anything. You had a lot going on with your band. The song that was on the soundtrack for The Room was called “Barracuda,” which was the name of a gun that you had. You didnt really have any new ones.

The song that was on the soundtrack for The Room is called Barracuda, which was the name of a gun that you had. You didnt really have any new ones.