I know that this is not a song about my world, but I think it fits the theme of this blog, “If this world were mine,” which I find to be one of my favorite lyrics. I have many of my own reasons for loving or despising this song, but it’s definitely a great message that I can relate to.

The song is about a young woman whose life is disrupted by her ex-boyfriend’s sudden departure for another woman, leaving her to care for her father’s daughter who has been brought up to be a woman. I can relate to this song because when I was in middle school my father had just died, and my mother was struggling with her own grief.

I also relate to this song because of the line “If this world were mine, it wouldn’t be my world.” That’s so true. When we think of our own world, it’s usually the only world we know about. It’s the only world we have ever known. We don’t think of our own world as much as the one that surrounds us. So in death, it’s our own world we’re mourning.

Thats an interesting idea, but i feel like your lyrics would be better served with a little bit of humor in them.

There’s also a certain amount of irony in the lyric “If this world were mine, I wouldnt be here” as the lyrics are saying that you wouldnt be here if this world were yours.

We all feel like that sometimes. One of the things that happens when we lose our past is that we lose the past. I imagine that if you are the type of person that you don’t want to be remembered for something bad that happened in your past, then the lyrics don’t really make sense.

If you are someone that the song lyric seems a little off to you, it could be because something did happen to you to make it worse. After all, when you were young and your parents put you in a time loop, they put you there so you could relive that event. You could have done things that made your parents regret putting you in that time loop, and that could lead to you doing things that made them regret the time loop they put you in.

If you’re experiencing some kind of psychological trauma, then maybe the lyrics are not for you, but maybe it might be for someone else who is experiencing the same thing.

Yeah, that’s probably what the song is saying too. The lyrics to the song are quite a bit darker, but it’s still pretty funny. I haven’t been able to find an official explanation as to why the lyrics were changed, but I suspect that it might have something to do with the fact that some people are experiencing a post-traumatic disorder.

I am not going to argue that the song lyrics should be changed. I think that some people who say that the lyrics were changed are not making good sense. This is because if this song was meant to be about a traumatic event (or something similar) then why would the lyrics be changed? In a similar vein, I think that the lyrics to the song “If I Were a Bell” were changed to make the song less like a song about a traumatic event.