We’re not alone on the internet. There are so many of you out there that we don’t know what to do with. We’re all trying to figure out how to make the most of our free time.

We thought it might be nice to know how many people were blocking us on twitter, so we created an algorithm that counted the number of times we were blocked. It turns out it was actually quite a few. We have to admit, we’re impressed with how many of you have actually blocked us.

We thought you would be interested in knowing how many of you blocked us on twitter, but you might not. Did you know that nearly one billion twitter accounts have blocked us, and that we don’t even really know who many of you are? I mean, we do not have the answers to those questions, but we did find out some interesting facts.

Well, in general, it is possible that a person who blocks you on twitter is actually a bot. A bot can be programmed to follow certain links, and many of them also tend to be a little too specific in their follow-ups. So, not only do you have to be careful about who you follow, but you also have to be careful about what you follow them to.

We also found out that the people who block you on twitter are typically not very careful about their privacy settings. In fact, they may even be using their social media accounts to show off who they are to others. So, if you’re blocking us, you might be sending us signals that you’re a little too weird or out there to our friends and colleagues.

In the time we’ve been doing this, we’ve discovered that the people who block us on twitter are not all that different from the people who ignore us on Facebook. They are in fact using their social media accounts to show off who they are to others.

This is common. We’ve all blocked someone on Facebook and now we’ve found this phenomenon on Twitter. These people are not being intentionally blocked. They are just using our accounts to show off who they are. In fact, they are just too weird to our friends and colleagues to be having a social media conversation with.

And on Twitter they can do this all day long. We’ve blocked people in the past using twitter for a variety of reasons, but they are the type of people that block you just because. It’s like they’re trying to get you to delete your Twitter account, or they’re just trying to tell you that you’re a creep.

Not everyone is a creep. It depends on your definition of creep. We’ve blocked a lot of people on Twitter, but that doesnt mean they were really creeps, its just that they didnt like our messages or thoughts or whatever. The same goes for other social media. It depends on your definition of creep, but we’ve blocked a lot of people on Twitter.

Thats all well and good, but it gets worse. If these people blocked you because you said something rude or nasty or made a swear, or a swear word, then its not worth it. I might as well just delete my Twitter account, not waste my time on a pointless little game that is basically just a game of getting back at people that have blocked you.