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We’re going through an era where earphone jacks are a thing of the past. After Apple removed the 3.5 mm earphone jack from the iPhone 7, many other smartphone manufacturers opted for removing the jack. This led to the era of the Bluetooth earphones. Till this day, there are quite a few smart wireless earphone manufacturers out there, one of which is Google. Released on October 4, 2017, the Google Pixel Buds are top-notch earphones. Although a bit expensive, these have gained immense hype lately. This is mainly because of the excellent sound quality and comfort. However, the real question is, are the Google Pixel Buds worth your money? Let’s find out in our Google Pixel Buds review.

The Google Pixel Buds Overview

Since Google has entered the smartphone arena, it has gifted us with many high-quality products, including the popular Pixel smartphone, Google Pixel Slate, Google Home Mini, Pixel Book, and many others. Google Pixel Buds have been the latest addition to the list, and these have gained immense hype. So, without further ado let’s get straight into the unbiased review of the Google Pixel Buds.



The Google Pixel Buds arrive in a fabric clamshell case that can also charge the earbuds. While you might look a bit cheap, the case easily slides into a pocket. The case has an ergonomic design and an excellent fabric texture, which gives it an upper hand over its competitors.

Pulling the earbuds out from the case is a very easy task; however, you must learn how to properly place the earbuds.

The Pixel Buds have an excellent design that rests gently on the outer ear and doesn’t slide onto the ear canal. Although this is quite comfortable, it doesn’t perform a great deal of noise cancellation. This, however, isn’t quite bad because it will help you remain vigilant while you’re traveling around the city.

Overall, the Google Pixel Buds are quite well-built and are durable, along with being highly compact to fit your pockets. The earbuds are designed to fit ears of different size and shapes. The cable is, too, of high-quality braiding. What we liked was the complexity of the braiding, it reduces the possibility of the wires getting tangled. It was indeed a top-notch experience.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The Pixel Buds have a superior sound quality when compared with other earbuds that have no noise cancellation. However, you won’t find the thunderous bass, no particular beat drops or extensive trebles. Regardless, the earbuds do feature an excellent surround sound system while loud listening volumes.

To adjust the volume, you should just swipe left or right on the right earbud. The problem with control was that each step had a considerable difference, so you’ll end up having a volume that’s too quiet or too loud for your ear.

Other than that, the controls work quite well. To play or pause music, you must tap once on the right earbud. In order to read out the time and the notifications, you must draw twice. To talk to Google Assistant, you should tap and hold on the right earbud. This is all the controls on the Google Pixel Buds.



The Google Pixel Buds are highly comfortable earbuds. With a weight of just 0.03 pounds, they’re one of the lightest earbuds in the market. Featuring an open earbud fit with adjustable stability tips, they fit securely within your ears. The earbuds do not put any additional pressure onto the ear canal, and you may not notice it while longer music playbacks.

The Google Assistant

Google Assistant

This is a notable feature of the Google Pixel Buds. This is the only earbuds that can access the Google Assistant directly from a click, and the feature works exceptionally well on the Pixel Buds. You’ll just have to tap and hold onto the right earbud to access the Google Assistant, and you’ll get a prompt from Google Assistant right away. It’s way too fast – faster than the AirPods accessing Siri on an iPhone.

What’s handier is that Pixel Buds can alert you when a notification arrives. You can easily have the Assistant read out the notification just within a click, which makes the features even better.

Google Translate

What makes the Pixel Buds unique is that it can help you in communicating with people who don’t comprehend your language. Although it is currently limited to Google Pixel phones only, it truly is a helpful feature. To activate Google Translate from your Pixel Buds, you must tap and hold onto the right earbud until Google Assistant is triggered. Next, you should say something like, ‘help me speak Chinese,’ and it will prompt the Translate on your phone. It will use the app’s real-time translation system to convert your voice into the language you want to communicate with.

Although you might be able to do the same thing with the Google Translate, knowing the fact that you can access the Google Translate via two buttons without having to turn on the screen can act as a time-saver. I personally prefer to use Google Pixel Buds this way; it really saves time and effort.

Battery Life

Battery Life

As advertised by Google, the Pixel Buds are supposed to last five hours continually listening to music. The case, on the other hand, can hold at least 24 hours of battery life. We have personally tested the Google Pixel Buds for a week, and it has delivered what was promised. We got something around 5 hours of charge, and we could just tuck the earbuds into the case to get an extra 24 hours of charge. This relieved us from having to charge the earbuds every now and then, and the charge lasted about 2.5 days after regular use.

The earbuds feature USB C charging port, which ensures fast charging. You can easily charge the buds to maximum capacity within 50 minutes.


If you’re someone who loves to listen to music for longer hours, you will have to ensure that your earbuds are breathable. For people like them, the Google Pixel Buds are highly breathable. The complexity of its design makes sure that your ears are getting air while you’re listening longer hours.

Wireless Connectivity


The wireless connectivity was too good to be true. When you’ve removed the earbuds from the case, you’ll find them instantly connected to your device. The call quality was rock solid, and you can hear the conversation clearly. The only downfall was the poor noise cancellation, so you’ll have a hard time hearing the conversation during a windy climate.

Some Drawbacks

Let’s get it straight – the Google Pixel Buds are excellent earbuds for day-to-day use. They have good sound quality, excellent ergonomic design, and great battery life. However, there are some noticeable problems that you might face. Although these won’t hamper your listening experience, it is more likely that you’ll be irritated with them.

Let’s look at some of the problems

  • When putting the earbuds onto the ears, you can accidentally trigger music playback
  • If wound tight, the earbuds do not fit easily in the case
  • The earbuds only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time
  • No noise cancellation

The Google Pixel Buds are excellent earbuds with highly ergonomic design, top-notch sound quality, great functionality, and exceptional battery life. Unlike other wireless earbuds, it features Google Assistant and Google Translate which adds to the usability of the earbuds. The Google Pixel Buds can last up to 5 hours constantly playing music, and the case can hold up to 24 hours of charge. They’re quite comfortable and are highly breathable, making the Google Pixel Buds excellent earbuds for heavy users.

All in all, the Google Pixel Buds can be excellent choices for a wireless earbud. The main constraint to the earbuds, however, is its price point. Regardless of that, you will get the premium earbuds that’s enough to satisfy you through your day-to-day activities.

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