I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who said that he hadn’t made his bed in two years. It was a moment of clarity and I said, “What’s the point in making your bed if you’re going to make it again in two years?” It’s almost like a constant reminder.

DentWiz is a game. It is a little like a video game, in that your character has a dent in his head that you have to remove. You can only remove a dent from one spot at a time. Sounds pretty simple, right? In reality, it is much more complicated and its purpose is to help your character feel more alive after a long day of running and hiding from monsters.

DentWiz is a bit like the original game, The Wolf Among Us. It is a game where your character is the “dent wizard”. If you were to remove a dent from your head, the game would regenerate it as if you had just removed it. The game is a bit like being a teenager playing “Call of Duty”, except no one is really talking to you, and you’re a real person.

DentWiz uses a simple system of “deciding” when to heal. Every time you hit a monster with a dent, it would heal for 1 point even if you didn’t want it to. If you didn’t want a dent, you could just hit a different monster. It was kind of like using your weapon to fight a battle with a friend.

A dent from your head can have serious negative consequences like a brain tumor or a stroke. With a dent from your head, you might get a headache, have a stroke, or have a brain tumor. Since every time you hit a monster with your dent, you would gain 1 point, you can get a headache, or a brain tumor, after a dent from your head.

It’s kind of like fighting a battle with a friend, only with a dent from your head. A dent would mean a few serious, negative consequences, like a headache. But if we can figure out a way to stop denting from our head, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. The one thing that is not mentioned in the trailer is how the dent wizard gets the powers to make you invincible.

The trailer also has a bit of a “whoops” moment when the dent wizard mentions how he can make you invincible by removing your teeth. But since it’s a very cool idea, it’s not mentioned again. That said, the idea is cool, so hopefully we’ll get some more details in the near future.

The trailer is very cool. We’ve got our teeth, the dent wizard, and a brief glimpse of the rest of the game. We’re definitely looking forward to playing it soon, and we’ll be sure to check back for more news on the game.

The latest news on dent wizard is that the game will be launching on the Xbox 360 today. The reason for that being that the Xbox 360 version will have a new character and a new level editor, and that you can play as all of the character’s levels. As a result, the game looks a bit more like a traditional wargame, and it will be the first console game to have the game engine run on hardware other than the Xbox 360.

If you’re wondering why dent wizard is being developed on a console with a wargame engine, you’re not alone. Microsoft has been going back and forth between console and PC development for a long time now, and it’s understandable that they’d want to go with the console version of the game first. However, the game’s been in the making for a long time, and the developers are still hard at work on the sequel.