In this time of financial uncertainty, our thoughts and actions are influenced by many factors, but one factor in particular is costco. Costco is one of those stores that has become a fixture in our lives. Whether it’s to pick up a gift, to fill up our cart, or to get a hot item, sometimes we all need a little extra help. Not long ago, we went to costco to get the best low-carb french fries at a discount.

We needed the special low carb french fries and ended up getting a bunch of “cheesy” low-carb french fries, so we went back and bought the regular ones. It didn’t exactly make our day but we did end up having a very good day.

We’re definitely guilty of using Costco stores to add extra carbs to our diets, but there’s a lot of other reasons why we’d buy the regular ones. For one, they have a lot of lower fat french fries, which we like because they’re so much cheaper that way. Another thing is that they have a lot of lower carb options, so we can make it a more healthy option.

We don’t have any plans to go to Costco more often, but we did buy some of the low carb options. You can’t really go wrong with any of the low carb options, so we went with the $2/lb chicken, $2.99/lb steak, and $4.99/lb fries. As far as the french fries, we didnt order the regular fries because they dont have fat in them.

We always find ourselves at the drive-thru, and we just want the fries and chicken, so we went for the 2lb chicken, 2.99lb steak, and 4.99lb fries.

we have to admit, it was a great idea to put the french fries and the chicken in separate containers, but it doesn’t really matter as much as you think. You’re still getting some variety. The steak was medium-rare.

We liked the 3.2 lb steak because it was the leanest and tenderest we have had, and it was also the one that came with the chicken. You can choose from a large variety of sauces and sides.

We weren’t sure about the 2lb chicken because of its leanness, but we are definitely sticking with it. All of the chicken, except for the 2lb, came grilled with the chicken, so if you’re worried about portions, you can just grab one of the smaller ones. We think the 2lb chicken was delicious, and we’re excited to get it again. The steak was medium-rare, and was a little tough.

Although we didn’t try the steak, we did order the broccoli, as well as the rice, which came with the chicken. The rice was ok… not as good as the ones at bbq, but it was still good. The veggies were very similar to what they are in a regular burger – lots of fat, but not as many calories.

So if you’re looking for healthier options, the salad at the register was very good. But the chicken was really, really yummy. And the steak was great.