Atlanta thrashers is a new and upcoming band from Atlanta, GA. This band consists of three former members of The Dandy Warhols. They are a dreamy, fun-loving band that has a knack for catchy tunes and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

A little over a year ago, Atlanta thrashers was a band that was just getting started. The band’s now just as good and now they can add the Atlanta to their list of growing bands.

I’ve long been a fan of thrashers and this band has an entire web page dedicated to their music and videos. Check it out here.

Atlanta thrashers has a pretty big following. The band has sold over 50,000 copies of their debut album, “The Great Divide,” which was released in August of 2011. The band has played multiple music festivals in the past, including Lollapalooza, Lollapalooza Summer, and Wacken Open Air. Their second album, “The Great Divide 2” will be available on August 16th.

The Georgia quartet has recently gotten back together with drummer Alex Peebles and bassist John Clark (who also played in The Shins and The Kills). The band’s live set (which usually consists of a few songs and some very weird and not-funny dance moves) has been a huge hit at festivals. Their video for their song “Bones” has been featured on the front page of MTV’s website.

The band’s official website is (and of course it would be a great site to put the Atlantas on your Facebook page!).

Atlantas have been on a bit of a bit of a hiatus in recent years, but they’re back and they’re ready to rock. They’re currently touring with Senses Fail and are set to release their new single “Bells” next month. I’m excited for this band.

The band has a new album coming out next week, and its name is the perfect tagline for Atlantas. Theyve been on a bit of a bit of a hiatus since 2009 when their last album, the classic ’80s hit “All the Things” was released. A new album is always huge for them, and the new one is certainly going to be huge. If you haven’t heard the new album by Atlantas, I would strongly suggest you do.

The new album is by Atlantas, a band whose sound is more like the music of the 80s than the 90s, and more like the music of the 70s than the 80s. Ahem. The album is also called Bells, and the album cover includes the iconic slogan “at least we’re still here.” Well, at least they’re still here, but not in the same way.

If you haven’t heard the ATLANTAS album by now, you should. You should also check out the band’s tour, which kicks off in Atlanta tonight and includes shows in Boston, Pittsburgh, New York, and, of course, Charlotte. They’ll be playing the new album as well.